About Us

Mahi Safety Nets is one of the leading provider of safety nets which are of high quality and they are available at affordable prices. We mainly deal with sports nets, mall safety nets, construction safety nets among others. We personally inspect the area where the net has to be installed.

We completely understands our customers needs and requirements and aim to provide the safety nets which are durable and customized as per their requirements.

Mahi Safety Nets is top company in manufacturing, supplying and trading all types of safety nets. Mahi Safety Nets is serving netting installations for different industrial, commercial and domestic areas. The safety nets are categorized under bird protection nets, safety nets, sports nets, Coconut Nets, birds spikes and other nets.

We try to bring clarity in the designs in each and every of our products with timely delivery.We value long term relationships with our clients rather then short term gains. Apart from our vast range of products, we are able to provide customization in each of our manufactured goods with our well-managed infrastructure.

Dealers in :

  • Birds Nets
  • Balcony Nets
  • Safety Nets
  • Cricket Nets
  • Green Nets
  • Nylon Nets
  • Building Safety Nets
  • Glass Safety Nets
  • Construction Nets
  • Shad Nets
  • Anti Birds Nets
  • Steps Safety Nets
  • Coconut Safety Nets
  • Monkeys Safety Nets
  • All sports Nets
  • Children Safety Nets